Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to GuysBulging!

Welcome to guys bulging!

Hello everyone!

I had been thinking about putting up a blog like this in the past couple months, simply because none of the blogs I’ve seen up to now responds to what I like… At least, not in quantity.

I didn’t know how to call the blog itself… Guys bulging, Saggers, Underwear showing, butt crack showing, dick showing in pants, crotches from the side, guys grabbing, guys touching themselves, public erections, cyclists crotches, gymnasts bumps…

What I would like to establish, is a common meeting point for all of you who like the categories mentioned above. A place where you can post pictures you found, pictures you’ve taken (shirtless guys walking on the street with underwear showing, guys adjusting their dick, guys grabbing, guys having erection, guys on the beach with wet pants), links (youtube videos of spring break, of shirtless guys, of guys in boxers, guys getting pantsed, lycra, cyclist, bulges… all of these categories are welcome), blogs… a place where you can discuss different topics: public masturbation, public erections, shower accidents… anything that happened to you that made you hard, or something that turns you on… I want your stories.

If you have links to public social network profiles with guys shirless, in boxers, partying… sports-related are mostly appreciated, army, marines, soldiers too.

If you would like to contribute actively on this blog, please let me know: and we can definitely talk.

Have a great day everyone and long live the crotches!